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Episode 25 LIVE – Foundation Beyond Belief with Dale McGowan

This is a live episode, you can find the video on YouTube and since we did the whole thing live on the Hangout on Air, All the editing I’ve done is clean up the audio and truncate the silence, otherwise it is live and unedited. 0:01:40 INTRO 0:02:38 INTERVIEW – Dale McGowan Dale is editor …

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Atheist Nomads Episode 25 Live!

We’ll be starting soon. Here’s the video: For live feedback you can tweet us @AtheistNomads, comment on the Facebook event page, Google+ post, comment on right here, or email us at

Episode 24 – We are Atheism with Amanda Brown

0:00:25 INTRO Dustin’s New Equipment Wesley’s furlough has been reduced NFA 5 Was Canceled New Plans for Episode 25 – Recording live as a Google Hangout on Air on 2013-04-06 at 2:00 PM MDT. 0:09:28 Foundation Beyond Belief 2500 Member Challenge 0:10:06 FEEDBACK Exaggeration Why didn’t I hear about you sooner? Music 0:16:51 THIS DAY …

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Episode 23 – Hispanic Atheists with Jose Alvarado

INTRO THIS DAY IN HISTORY, March 21st 1800 – Pope Pius VII was crowned with a papier-mâché tiara 1980 – Wesley, your not so humble host is born 1980 – Carter tells U.S. athletes of Olympic boycott 1989 – Sports Illustrated reports allegations tying baseball player Pete Rose to baseball gambling 1999 – Bertrand Piccard …

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Episode 22 – Nailed with David Fitzgerald

INTRO Don’t forget to to register for the Northwest Freethought Alliance Conference FEEDBACK Russ about NFA5 accommodations “Pastor” Dustin and porn FBB 2500 Member drive THIS DAY IN HISTORY – March 7 1870 – Wyoming allowed women to be jurors 1942 – First 5 black American men become pilots at Tuskege, Alabama 1965 – In …

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Episode 21 – The Hereafter

INTRO You can help support the Atheist Nomads Adding Libsyn for CDN file hosting Considering dropping Ogg support Moving the feed to Feedburner If each of our current listeners donate $0.67 per year our costs would be covered. Tell your friends about the show Northwest Freethought Alliance Conference FBB’s 2500 member goal THIS DAY IN …

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Episode 20 – Mr. Deity with Brian Keith Dalton and Tom Vilot

0:00:25 INTRO Don’t forget about the Northwest Freethought Alliance Conference Dustin rants about precious bodily fluids 0:00:43 FEEDBACK – Ben 0:14:18 THIS DAY IN HISTORY 1812 – Earthquake causes fluvial tsunami in Mississippi 1968 – Forensic evidence solves a crime 1984 – First human satellite 1990 – Soviet Communist Party gives up monopoly on political …

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Episode 19 – Charity, the JW’s, and Black Atheism with Bridget Gaudette

0:00:25 INTRO Wesley was on Just Skeptics Register now for the Northwest Freethought Alliance Conference FEEDBACK – None this time around 0:04:39 THIS DAY IN HISTORY 1908 – Boy Scouts movement begins 1935 – First canned beer goes on sale 1943 – Von Paulus to Hitler: Let us surrender 1965 – Winston Churchill Dies 0:21:23 …

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Episode 18 – God’s Sexually Transmitted Infection with Dr. Darrel Ray

0:00:25 INTRO Northwest Freethought Alliance Conference – Come see us live! Dustin was quoted in the Idaho Statesman 0:09:07 FEEDBACK Regarding the holidays More on “Do No Harm” from Ben Thanks to Paul and Brian for the kind words 0:17:00 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – January 10 1901 – Gusher signals start of U.S. oil …

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Episode 17 – Atheist Music, Morality, and Post-Jewish Life with Shelley Segal

0:00:25 INTRO 0:03:08 FEEDBACK Editing failure – Sorry Thumbs up from someone who would prefer to not be named Voice mail regarding Episode 14 and the discussion on ethics and “Do no harm” 0:17:33 THIS DAY IN HISTORY 1831 – Darwin and the HMS Beagle set out from Plymouth Harbor 1944 – FDR seizes control …

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