Episode 35 – Apologizing for Apologetics with Rachael Slick


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THIS DAY IN HISTORY – September 26th

* 1945 – First American soldier killed in Vietnam
* 1888 – Great American author T.S. Elliot is born
* 1960 – Nixon sweats a river during a debate
* 1969 – It’s all about Marsha Marsha Marsha! as the Brady Bunch premiers
* 2008 – Screen legend Paul Newman dies


* Magnitude 7.7 Earthquake creates new island in Pakistan
* Cygnus delayed
* CDC reports on antibiotic resistant infections
* Australia nixes the science minister post
* Russian Academy of Science loses independance


* Faith healing parents charged in daughter’s death
* Sexuality is apparently magnetic…
* Court rules that for-profit corporation is not a religious person
* Pope wants the Catholic Church to take it’s focus off social issues…
* …Yet still excommunicates gay and woman affirming priest…
* …meanwhile another priest caught with a boy’s pants down

INTERVIEW – Rachael Slick

Rachael Slick is the daughter of Christian apologist and CARM Founder Matt Slick and wrote about her experiences growing up on Friendly Atheist.

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