Episode 37 – Atheist Comedy with Keith Lowell Jensen


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* 1861 – Western Union completes the first transcontinental telegraph line

* 1951 – Truman declares war with Germany officially over

* 1954 – U.S. president pledges support to South Vietnam

* 1997 – Marv Albert faces sentencing in sexual assault case


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* Rogue planet discovered

* Water world!

* 1.8 million year old hominid skull found

* New HIV medication prevents it from taking over T Cells!

* Herbal supplements may be harmful to your health


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*McCarthy backs off on vaccines

*Textbook publishers refuse to bow to Texas demands

*Utah billboard companies reject American Atheists

*Utah state senator trying to bring religion into public schools

*Child sacrifice in India

*UK Boy Scouts create a secular oath

*Government Shutdown:

* Ted Cruz said the shutdown was god’s will

* 144 Republicans voted for default | Detail

* House Stenographer goes nuts as the House votes against default

*New Jersey becomes the 14th state with marriage equality


INTERVIEW – Atheist comedian Keith Lowell Jensen

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Recorded for release on 2013-10-24