Episode 39 – The Witch is Dead with Ari Mandel

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* 1975 – Congressional report charges U.S. involvement in assassination plots

* 1976 – Rocky premieres

* 1985 – Israeli spy arrested in United States

* 1986 – Oliver North starts feeding documents into the shredding machine


* Multicellular alga developed in a lab

* Fossil shows insects doing it missionary style

* Canadian study finds ⅓ of herbal supplements to be adulterated

* Cow’s milk peptide used to kill stomach cancer cells


* CDC comes clean on teen e-cig usage and smoking

* Anti-abortion group in Texas kidnaps women

* Four Idaho couples sue the state over the same-sex marriage ban

* Hawaii legalizes same-sex marriage

* So did Illinois

* 16.5 down, 33.5 to go

* EU rules gay Africans entitled to asylum

* Costco labels the Bible as fiction

* Student suspended for tearing pages from Bible

* Bus driver fired over prayers

* Lawsuit over horrific theocracy in Hildale, UT and Colorado City, AZ

* Faith healing in Idaho

* Sylvia Brown has died!

INTERVIEW – Ari Mandel
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Recorded for release on 2013-11-21