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34 Ramadan and Ultra Processed Foods

We talk about why Ramadan travels the calendar and what it is. As well as ultra processed foods and where the science is pointing with it.

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33 Useful Charts with Matt Baker

In this episode we’re joined by Matt Baker from Useful Charts and discuss his YouTube channel, past in the Worldwide Church of God, transition to atheism, conversion to Judaism, and his doctoral dissertation studying the personality of atheists. Youtube

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32 The Original War on Christmas

This time we talk about the history of Christmas, the original War on Christmas, the Methodist schism, and how Hamas got elected.

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31 Faith of Assent

This week we talk about Faith of Assent or the BS detector and why some people believe what they do.

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30 Israel and Gaza

We talk about the history and background and start of the current Israel Gaza war.

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29 Elections

We talk about elections: Voting rights, popular vote, jungle primaries, and more Intro

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28 Buckets

We talk about buckets, a metaphor for physical, emotional, and mental energy.

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27 What is an Evangelical?

This week we talk about Evangelicals, before that we have the worst defense in a lawsuit, and feedback about grief.

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26 Rest in Peace Mom

This week we talk about Dustin’s mom’s passing, grieving, and what she believed about the afterlife.

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Taking a Break

I’ve talked before about health issues in the family, things have progressed and I need to take a few months off from the show.