Episode 259 – Spinning in Place with Bart Everson

Bart Everson joins us to talk about his naturalistic holiday system drawing from Neo-paganism, but before that Erin joins us for for the news. The GOP is taxing churches, Tony Perkin’s wants to drive gay rights supporters from the GOP, Northern Ireland will now allow Humanist weddings, Brother Adam has figured out how men can save America.


Republican tax law hits churches

One provision of the GOP’s tax bill was to remove deductions for fringe benefits for employees. These benefits include free parking, meals, bus passes, and the like. It was intended to offset part of the huge increase to the deficit that the tax cuts are causing, but interestingly it’s poorly worded enough that it includes nonprofits, including churches that will now have to start paying some taxes.

Tony Perkins: We can do for gay rights what we’ve done to abortion rights

Tony Perkin’s of the Family Research Council is quite happy that pro-choice Republicans have been driven from the party and how effective they’ve been at gutting abortion rights. Now, thanks to the retirement of Anthony Kennedy, he wants to do the same thing to gay rights.

Northern Ireland will now recognize weddings officiated by humanists

Brother Adam: Godly men must save America from “bossy women and queers”

Interview – Bart Everson

Spinning in Place: A Secular Humanist Embraces the Neo-Pagan Wheel of the Year

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  1. Hi–great interview with Bart!

    If you’re interested in more of this sort of thing, I edit the website and moderate the Facebook group for Atheopaganism, a Pagan path which does exactly what Bart is talking about. The site is at atheopaganism.org; the FB group is at facebook.com/groups/atheopaganism. Bart is a member of the group.

    The site contains information about creating your own cycle of holidays, about creating rituals, ethical Principles, and other useful material for living an Atheopagan life.

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