Episode 258 – Depression and Faith

This week we’re joined by Erin Riley. In the news we have Ultra-Orthodox flight delays, polygamy convictions in Canada, Boise stabbing, the ‘Brown Invasion’, toddlers in court. We also discuss faith and depression.


Ultra-Orthodox men again hold up plane, refusing to sit beside women

For the second time in as many weeks Ultra-Orthodox men held up a flight. This was an Austrian Airlines flight that 26 men were moved to after their original flight was canceled, so yes, it was full. Each of the men refused to be seated next to a woman and eventually the pilot had to get involved and convince the women to change seats so the flight could take off only 40 minutes late.

After the previous incident on an El Al flight that airline decided that any passengers refusing to be seated would be removed from the plane and an Israeli court has also recently ruled that women cannot be forced to change seats.

Two fundamentalist Mormons convicted of polygamy in BC

Six kids and three adults, all refugees stabbed at kid’s birthday party in Boise

A Californian man temporarily staying at an apartment complex in Boise was asked to leave on Friday. Saturday he returned with a knife and started stabbing people at a three year old’s birthday party wounding six children and the adults, all our most of whom are refugees from Muslim majority countries. The birthday girl’s injuries were severe enough to require being sent to Salt Lake City and she has not passed away.

Rick Wiles: ‘Brown invasion’ of immigrants is God’s punishment for abortion

On his radio show, Rick Wiles managed to perfectly blend fundamentalist Christian misogyny and racism.

Immigrant toddlers ordered to appear in court alone

Children who crossed the border alone or who have been separated from their parents as young as three years of age are having to defend themselves at deportation hearings.

Discussion – Faith and Depression

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