Episode 260 – Trump’s conspiracy

This week we joined by Justin and talk about the Trump/Putin press conference, conspiracies, fasting, and the latest news.

Dustin’ off the Degree – Fasting


Indian lawmaker says Mother Teresa should be stripped of civilian honor over baby-trafficking scandal

Authorities in India are cracking down on baby-trafficking that her Missionaries of Charity has been doing with at least one nun and at least one other person working with the charity selling babies to childless couples for $550 to $1450. As a result some of the leaders of the ruling Hindu nationalist party are calling to remove the Jewel of India, the highest civilian honor, that was conferred on Mother Teresa nearly 40 years ago.

Rodrigo Duterte says he’ll resign as Philippine president if someone can prove God exists

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte got a lot of attention for calling God stupid and calling out Catholic dogma such as original sin for tainting even innocent infants. Most of this attention in atheist circles has been positive, but it has many in his heavily Catholic country quite angry. He has responded by saying that he will resign if anyone can prove God exists.

Considering the last time he got this much attention it was for his death squads, I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Rev. Faucher’s home has now been taken care of by an exorcist

Australia to issue monthly fines to parents who don’t vaccinate children

Australia’s “no jab, no pay” policy that withholds financial benefits from parents who refuse to vaccinate their children just got stronger. In addition to the $737 per year family tax benefit that they have already lost, they will now be losing an additional $28 in tax benefits every other week.

Republicans vote to make it legal nationwide to ban gays & lesbians from adopting

The US House Appropriations Committee has passed an amendment to a bill funding the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education that would penalize states that don’t allow adoption agencies to discriminate on the basis of their religious beliefs by cutting their federal adoption funding by 15%.

With the exception of Scott Taylor (R-VA), the amendment passed the committee along party lines.

Discussion – Trump’s Treason and other conspiracies



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