33 Useful Charts with Matt Baker

In this episode we’re joined by Matt Baker from Useful Charts and discuss his YouTube channel, past in the Worldwide Church of God, transition to atheism, conversion to Judaism, and his doctoral dissertation studying the personality of atheists.

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    • David Florer on February 2, 2024 at 3:25 pm

    I left Mormonism over 4 years ago, in my late 50s. Your podcast really resonates with me. You don’t realize that you grew up in a cult until you leave.

    I’m definitely TP in Meyers Briggs spectrum, and on the Enneagram scale I’m a 5 with a strong 7, or Investigator/ Sceptic.

    I consider myself a Sectarian Humanist. Philosophically I find Nihilism Existentialism and Absurdism comforting after deconstructing religion.

    • J Cortese on February 2, 2024 at 6:34 pm

    This is very interesting — Matt’s description of Judaism reinforces my conviction that there is something fandom-like about American liberal Judaism in the best possible way. Just like most fandoms, they take many life lessons from a canon of stories, they have rituals and holidays, they discuss their stories and how they fit into the time they were written and modern times, they even have Daf-Yomi-like watch cycles, they even choose their friends from their fandom. The ONLY thing they do that a typical religion doesn’t is acknowledge their canon of stories as FICTION. It’s an excellent example of how people can get everything they normally get from religion without having to “believe” in anything. You can get a great deal of comfort and community from something while also knowing it’s fictional. And religiously, you can get a lot from a founding body of myth while knowing it’s mythical.

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