Episode 11 – Balls to the Wall with JT Eberhard





0:52:01 MUSIC – The Existential Blues by Arthur Thomas Heist (Used by permission)

0:54:23 FEATURE – Interview with JT Eberhard
JT Eberhard blogs at What Would JT Do on Patheos and also contributes to AtheismResource.com. He is a co-founder of Skepticon, lead in the organizing of Skepticon 1, 2, and 3, and served as the Secular Student Alliance’s High School Specialist for a year and a half. Now JT is a full time writer and public speaker.

Aside from discussing his activism and writing, we discussed many topics of geeky interest.

Also joining us briefly was JT’s roommate Cambrige.

2:00:10 Poor Unfortunate Souls as performed by JT Eberhard in his operatic karaoke style. (Used by permission)

2:04:16 BLOOPERS

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Episode 10 – The FDA takes on the Woo

A little more on e-cigs, thanks to Skeptics with a K.





Recently the Skeptics Guide to the Universe and Skeptics with a K both covered the FDA’s recent warning letter issued to British homeopathic manufacturer A. Nelson & Co, but they missed some nuances that Dustin’s experience with the FDA might help with.

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Episode 9 – The Jesus Myth with Dr. Robert M. Price

Recorded on 08/25/12 for release on 08/30/12

After issuing a correction, covering this day in history and the latest in science and politics, we talk with Dr. Robert M. Price about the historicity of Jesus, the Q gospel, the future of Christianity, and BBQ.


Kristi – with correction on genetic resistance to HIV

06:08 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – August 30




Dr. Robert M. Price, PhD is Professor of Biblical Criticism at the Center for Inquiry Institute as well as the editor of The Journal of Higher Criticism. His books include Beyond Born Again, The Widow Traditions in Luke-Acts: A Feminist-Critical Scrutiny, Deconstructing Jesus, and The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man. Forthcoming titles are The Crisis of Biblical Authority, Jesus Christ Superstar: A Redactional Study of a Modern Gospel, The Da Vinci Controversy and The Amazing Colossal Apostle. He is also host of the Human Bible and the Bible Geek.

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Episode 8 – Foxhole Atheists with Justin Griffith and Christopher Herr



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05:27 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – August 16




SGT Justin Griffith, USA, is the Military Director for American Atheists and was the project lead for the original Rock Beyond Belief at Fort Brag and SSgt Christopher Herr, USMC, is the project lead for Rock Beyond Belief 2 that is being planned for Camp Pendleton.

***The views expressed by our guests are their own and do not represent the views of the DoD, US Army, or US Marine Corp.***

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Episode 7 – The Atheist Pig puts some STANK on it with Mike Sieber

Okay, this episode was supposed to be released on 08/02/12, but life got in the way. More on that next week. Sorry about that. – Dustin


Fun on Facebook
Shooting in Colorado




59:59 MUSIC

To lighten the mood before the interview, we have Roy Zimmerman‘s Evolution 101 (used by permission).


Joining us for the second half of the show is Mike Sieber, the artist and blogger behind “The Atheist Pig” comic strip. You can find Mike on his website at theatheistpig.com and on Twitter @TheAtheistPig.

Mike’s take on the BS surrounding the Colorado shooting.

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Episode 6 – Recovering from Religion with Jerry DeWitt


Dustin got a tattoo to commemorate the five year anniversary of his apostasy and talks about that very dark weekend leading up to his freedom.
You can find Dustin talking about some of the sexual issues he ran into on Living After Faith

0:10:04 THIS DAY IN HISTORY July 19

0:17:04 NEWS

0:31:20 – INTERVIEW

Joining us for the feature segment is Jerry DeWitt, Executive Director of Recovering From Religion. Jerry is a former Pentecostal minister and the first graduate of the Clergy Project. We discuss the Clergy Project, Recovering from Religion, how his recovery has gone, Amerigod, and so much more.

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Episode 5 – SPECIAL REPORT – Tresure Valley Coaltion of Reason

Announcing the Treasure Valley Coalition of Reason!

Media Coverage:
Boise Weekly
Christian Post

If you want to find your local coalition or start one, check out the United Coalition of Reason.

Episode 4 – Christian Nation or Godless Republic?

Christian Nation or Godless Republic?

0:00 Intro

1:20 This Day in History – July 4

7:57 News

36:02 Is the United States a Christian nation?

55:39 Farewell

56:59 4th of July PSA

59:56 Out takes

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“I’m as mad as hell” speech taken from a clip found on YouTube and is originally from the motion picture “The Network” (1977) and is available on Amazon.com.

The music for this episode is “Stars and Stripes for Ever” by John Philip Suza and performed by the US Marine Corps Band.

Episode 2 – Featuring Teresa MacBain

We are very pleased to have Teresa MacBain as our guest! You can find more about her below.

Sorry about the sound quality, we’re still learning and fine tuning things.

You can now contact both of us at [email protected], Wesley at [email protected], or Dustin at [email protected]. You can also leave us voice mail at (541) 203-0666 and we may even play your message on the show.

This Day in History

Samuel Pipim


Other news


Teresa MacBain is the Executive Director of the Clergy Project and joins us for the second half of the show. She is a former Methodist pastor and the first woman to graduate from the Clergy Project.

You can donate to the Clergy Project’s fund through the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

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Episode 1 – The Pilot, featuring Roy Zimmerman

Welcome to the first episode of the Atheist Nomads.

  1. Why we are starting this podcast.
  2. News, including:
  3. Wesley tells his story.
  4. Dustin tells his story.
  5. Dustin interviews Roy Zimmerman
  6. Ted Haggard is Completely Heterosexual” by Roy Zimmerman (used with permission)

Yes, this episode sucks, but hang in there and we’ll get better.