Episode 14 – Living After Faith with Rich and Deanna Joy Lyons

0:0:25 INTRO

0:26:11 FEEDBACK – Dan S

0:38:58 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – November 15



  • Obama reelected 332 – 206 (electoral college) 51% of the popular vote
  • Marriage equality won – Passed by referendum in Maine, Maryland, and Washington, constitutional ban in Minnesota fails
  • Congressional races of note:
    • McCaskill kicked Akin’s sexist ass 55% – 39%
    • Donnelly beat Mourdock 50% – 44%
    • Baldwin beat Thompson 51% – 46%
    • It looks like Sinema will win in AZ, but the reports of her non-theism are exaggerated. She appears to more accurately be one of the many unaffiliated.
    • Pete Stark lost to a fellow Democrat, leaving us with no open atheist in the legislature. One campaign issue was the motto.

1:49:31 MUSIC – Saved by Shelley Segal

1:53:40 FEATURE – Interview with Rich and Deanna Joy Lyons from the Living After Faith podcast. You can find Rich’s story in depth in the early episodes, Deanna shares her story in Episode 25.

To find the episode where they interviewed Dustin, check out Episode 19.

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