5 Bitcoin, Crypto, and Blockchain

This week we talk about what Bitcoin is, how it works in theory, how it works in practice, and what the criticisms are.

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4 Russia, Ukraine, Misinformation, and Fraud

This week Dustin talks about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, fraud, daylight savings time, and some other news.

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3 Annabelle and Aiden face a Dragon with JR Becker

We’re joined by JR Becker author of the Annabelle and Aiden series of children’s books that promote science and critical thinking. “Big questions for little minds.” Preorders are also now available for his new book There’s a Dragon in my Garage

Annabelle and Aiden
Preorder There’s a Dragon in my Garage
‘Increasingly Aggressive’ Atheists Target Children in New Evolution-Promoting Book

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2 Where do we go from here with Nadya Dutchin

In this episode we are joined by Nadya Dutchin the new Executive Director of the American Humanist Association. We talk about the work she’s been tasked with to prepare the AHA for the future and some of the big topics we really need to be paying more attention to.

AHA Website

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1 Terms and Conditions

It’s the rebrand/relaunch as Humanists Take on the World and we start with an overview of the names and terms that non-believers use to identify themselves or how they’re referred to by others.

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443 Burning Books in the name of Liberty

This week we talk about banning and burning books.

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442 Where did priestly celibacy come from?

This week we talk about what clerical celibacy is, who it applies to, how it developed, and the problems it’s causes.

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441 The Huguenot Diaspora

This week we talk about the Huguenot Diaspora, with a personal connection for Dustin with some Huguenot ancestors.

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440 The Huguenots

This week we talk more about the upcoming rebrand and also talk about the Huguenots, the French Calvinists probably named after a Swiss Catholic. It’s a story of dissent, religious wars, dynastic struggles, and mass exile.

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Coming Soon

Humanists Take on the World is the new brand that the Atheist Nomads podcast will be switching to in February 2022. Until then this site is in active development and you should still be going to https://htotw.com for contact information and show notes until then.