Taking a Break

I’ve talked before about health issues in the family, things have progressed and I need to take a few months off from the show.

25 Quakers

We start with a brief interview with Kylie and then I finally take a stab at talking about the Quakers.

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24 Privacy matters – Abortion, LGTBQ, and More

In the news we talk about gay priests getting outed, dads in trouble with AI, and women getting in trouble for abortions. Then we talk about online privacy.

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23 He Gets Us

This week we talk about the He Gets Us campaign and a Florida anit-anti-discrimination bill.

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22 Christian Nationalism, the Pledge, and Prayer Breakfast

This week we talk about the Pledge of Allegiance, Christian Nationalism, and the National Prayer Breakfast.

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21 Why is It with Harry Margulies

We talk with Harry Margiles, author of Why Is It: We are afraid of being descendants of monkeys but not incest

Link Tree

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20 Wins and losses

We catch up on some news in this last episode of the year.

Please note the Podcast’s Twitter account has been deleted. The Facebook page will be deleted by the end of the year.

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19 Thanksgiving and Mastodon

This time we talk about Thanksgiving and Mastodon

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18 Ancient Paganism

This week we talk about ancient paganism.

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17 Climate Tipping Points

This week we talk about climate change tipping points.

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