Episode 281 – The Apostles Creed

We’re joined by Idaho Atheists President Gary Mitchell and talk about Christian creeds, Trump, a new conspiracy theory about Hillary, nuns stealing $500,000 to go gambling, and more!

Dustin’ off the Degree – Christian Creeds


Trump criticized for not reading Apostles’ Creed at Bush funeral

Jesse Lee Peterson: The Apostle’s Creed ‘Is Not a Christian Thing to be Reciting’

Trump Asked ‘Prophet’ to Anoint Every Door in White House, Says ‘Apostle of Joy’

‘Prophetic’ Group Says Eviction from Museum of the Bible Was Part of God’s Plan

Is Hillary Clinton The Whore of Babylon?

Unmarried pregnant teacher fired from Catholic school

Nuns steal $500,000 from Catholic school, go gambling

U.S. Jesuits release names of clergy accused of sexual abuse


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    • Josh (same as voice message) on December 11, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    Catholicism isn’t necessarily as ethnic as let’s say Judaism. Granted, cultures invade by Spain are predominantly Catholic, and it’s probably infected their DNA at this point.
    Joseph Ratzinger (cosplay name Pope Benedict) declared once a Catholic, always a Catholic. Which is how my actively Catholic wife didn’t get a lot of pushback when she wanted a Catholic wedding.
    Fun fact, Jorge Bergoglio (cosplay AKA Pope Francis) stated earlier this year that atheists get to go to heaven. Nice of them to finally invite us to post mortem make believe.

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