Episode 280 – Missionaries behaving badly

On this week’s episode Erin Riley is back and we talk about a lost of missionaries behaving badly, satanic stuff, and the anti-vax movement’s successes in driving up disease rates. Survey – htotw.com/survey


Neil De Grasse Tyosn me too’d http://bit.ly/an280-tyson

Gideons distribute Bibles at Idaho school, draw complaints http://bit.ly/an280-gideons


Oregon man fired for refusing to attend Bible study sessions http://bit.ly/an280-oregon

Slain US Man Had Been Training to Meet Sentinelese Tribe Since College, Reveals Missionary Group http://bit.ly/an280-sentenal1 http://bit.ly/an280-sentenal2

Sydney woman deported from Nepal accused of door knocking as a Christian missionary http://bit.ly/an280-nepal

Texas pastor’s protest inadvertently promoted Swedish metal band’s show http://bit.ly/an280-ghost

Satanists settle lawsuit with Netflix over goat-headed statue in Sabrina show http://bit.ly/an280-satanists

Chinese city tells Muslims who consider alcohol forbidden to hand themselves in to authorities http://bit.ly/an280-china

Anti-vaccination community in North Carolina hit with chickenpox outbreak http://bit.ly/an280-chicken_pox

‘Anti-vax’ movement blamed for 30 per cent jump in measles cases worldwide http://bit.ly/an280-measels

Israeli government bill would ban the unvaccinated from schools during outbreaks http://bit.ly/an280-israel


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