Episode 261 – The Bible Says What!? With Mike Wiseman

We’re joined by Mike Wiseman from The Bible Says What!? a podcast where he debates pastors, rabbis, and other people pushing dogma. We talk about the types of pastors, Followers of Christ finally getting arrested for abuse, the House gutting the Johnson Amendment, a Russian spy who infiltrated the NRA and religious right, and who’s really behind Bigfoot and UFOs.


Dustin’ off the Degree – Types of Pastors

1. Catholic Priests
2. Orthodox Priests
3. Protestant professional ministers with M.Div.
4. Protestant uneducated ministers
5. Mormon Bishops
6. Cult Leaders


Followers of Christ sexual abuse arrest

House votes to prevent IRS from punishing churches engaging in politics

Alleged Russian spy infiltrated the NRA and Christian Right

American Family Radio tells listeners Satan is behind Bigfoot and UFOs

INTERVIEW – Mike Wiseman from The Bible Says What!? podcast


Randy via Facebook RE Ep 258
Randy via Twitter RE Ep 260 and Fasting

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