406 That’s not a heartbeat

This week we have an announcement about some changes coming to the show, feedback, and the latest news.



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    • bob on May 11, 2021 at 4:28 am

    @ 5:15 mark
    You completely ignored the thrust of my comment on your previous podcast. My comment was concerning your hostility toward Richard Dawkins (Old white man, irrelevant, bigoted, dick, ass hole, fuck you Dawkins, shut the fuck up).

    I briefly shared my experience simply to illustrate that it is possible to be reasonably skeptical and critical of a trans diagnoses, and you respond with a family counseling session – gee thanks.

    As a long-time listener to your podcast, I am suddenly getting the impression, based entirely on your continued extreme hostility towards Dawkins, that you are quite dogmatic and rigid in your beliefs, rendering any criticism of your public stance a waste of time. You, sir, sound very similar to a rabid Trump voter responding to something that Nancy Pelosi tweeted. No thanks.

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