405 Another Schism in the Atheist Movement

This week we talk about Dawkins’ tweet and the responses it’s gotten, anti-trans athlete bills, gay flags at embassies, Fallwell’s fall blamed on Satan, Miracle Mineral Solution indictment, and more.



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    • bob on May 3, 2021 at 7:22 am

    As one who DOES have a dog in this fight, I think your comments about Dawkins (and about any of us who even dare to agree with him) are incredibly harsh and reactionary. My adult son informed me over a year ago that he is trans and is now in the process of hormone therapy and has requested that from this point forward we address him as “her” and use her new chosen female name.
    So that’s it – almost 40 years of addressing him by the name I gave him, I am now expected to just fall in line – even though I am still quite skeptical of this diagnosis and process?
    I am skeptical – and the only problem with Dawkins tweet is that it was un-apologetically reasonable.
    Shame on you for such hostility towards Dawkins.

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