Episode 40 – Taking on Bull with Ari Mandel, part 2

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* 1492 – Christopher Columbus becomes the first European to set foot on the island of Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
* 1933 – Prohibition ends
* 1945 – Aircraft squadron lost in the Bermuda Triangle
* 1969 – First 4 ARPANET nodes are brought


* Amazon testing drones …as is UPS
* Texas approves real text books
* Male and female brains mapped
* GM maize rat tumour paper retracted
* 13% of Finns are HIV resistant
* New HIV strain found
* Anti-vax group forced to change name
* Male contraceptive method found, may be on the market in 10 years


* Blasphemy decriminalized in The Netherlands
* Woman fined for not circumcising her son
* “Rape away the gay” pastor’s sentence suspended
* Methodist pastor forced to denounce his children or lose his job with audio
* ACLU sues the US Conference of Catholic Bishops over hospital directives

INTERVIEW – Ari Mandel
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Recorded for release on 2013-12-05