Episode 41 – Attacking the Theocrats with Sean Faircloth


Russel went Nuclear and throws down the gauntlet!

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* 1917 – National Hockey League (NHL) opens its first season
* 1941 – Hitler takes command of the German army
* 1972 – Last lunar-landing mission ends
* 1998 – President Clinton impeached
* 2005 – Ahmadinejad bans all Western music in Iranian state television and radio broadcasts


* Possibly life sustaining chemistry found on Mars
* The crow we talked about…
* A cooling station on the ISS has gone down
* A second layer of code discovered in DNA
* 400,000 year old hominid DNA found


* Canadian student with Asthma dies due to policy prohibiting inhalers outside of the principal’s office
* Gay rights in India
* Judge orders San Diego cross to be removed
* Air Force removed an unconstitutional sectarian holiday scene
* Satanic Temple seeks to put up a monument at the OK Capital
* Fox News host Megyn Kelly claims that Jesus and Santa were both white
* Pat Robertson is cool sex changes, but thinks that being gay is a mental disorder

INTERVIEW – Sean Faircloth

Sean comes on the show to talk about the SecularityUSA project and the Global Secular Organizing & Strategy organization. You should also check out Sean’s book Attack of the Theocrats.

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Recorded for release on 2013-12-19

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