Episode 247 – Fighting About Condiments

This week we’re joined by Mikey Pullman and we’ve got David Silverman, updates on Trump’s latest trans military ban, Ken Ham’s labor woes, the impending apocalypse, fighting over condiments, and more!

Atheist Comedy Experience – May 18 in Boise


David Silverman has been fired by American Atheists amid conflicts of interest and allocations of sexual assault

Judge blocks Trump’s latest trans military ban, declares trans people a protected class

Atheist sues Missouri town that ejected her from city council meeting for criticizing “In God We Trust” sign

Arizona House passes bill requiring women seeking abortions to say why

A Woman has accused the governor of Missouri of violent, nonconsensual sex

Trinidad and Tobago set to decriminalize homosexuality

Billy Graham’s daughter says that God may send a nuclear strike to punish us all for immorality

Ken Ham can’t find enough creationist employees, so he’s loosening restrictions

‘Boy who came back from Heaven’ says he didn’t and is suing

A numerologist claims the rapture is coming April 23 because of prophesy and an alignment of the stars.

Puerto Rico vs Utah over Heinz’s new condiment

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