Episode 246 – Now with twice as many babies!

This week Merry Cole is back and brought along little baby Blithe. In the news we have the Idaho Gov and Lt. Gov race, Mormon creepiness, the SBC president’s resignation, healthcare, and more!

We’re back on Thursday.


David Silverman placed on leave following a complaint

An Idaho Lt. Gov. candidate thinks women who get abortions should be executed

Idaho state Sen Bob Nonini is running for Lt Governor and took part is a candidate forum with other candidates on the “CrossPolitic SHow and Podcast” which is a Christian political show. All three candidates agreed that abortion is murder. The host, David Shannon asked if women who get abortions should get the death penalty and Nonini agreed saying, “Yes. There should be no abortion and anyone who has an abortion should pay.”

After the backlash that he deserved for saying that he tried to backtrack on Twitter saying:

“LET ME BE CLEAR-I have always been a pro-life supporter. That means classifying abortion as murder & I believe we should consider penalties for individuals involved in these procedures. I NEVER said or agreed the death penalty should be considered.”

Harley Brown is running for Idaho governor again because God wants him to and wants him to be President

Harley Brown is once again a candidate to be Idaho’s next governor, why? Because God wants him to be president and told him to run for Governor.

A lawyer for the LDS church responded to rape allegations against the former head of the Missionary Training Center by gathering all church discipline and legal records on the victim and sent that to the accused’s son who sent it to the media

Salt Lake march to stop Mormon bishop interviews with children about sex

More research has been done about Trump and Christian Nationalists

New York is threatening to sue if the Trump administration goes through with their religious protections for healthcare workers

The Maryland legislature has passed a bill to ban gay conversion therapy

Matt Barber thinks Jesus advocated for the second amendment. Maybe he just needs to try turning the other cheek.

The head of the Southern Baptist Convention has resigned because of an “inappropriate relationship”

Children from a Muslim family in Britain called the authorities on their parents over abuse, isolation and attempts to turn the kids into extremists. They made the kids watch an ISIS beheading

A South African pastor would pray for forgiveness each time he’d rape teenage girls

After being reported as saying Hell does not exist, the Pope clarified that it does

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