Episode 248 – Is science broken?

Discussion – Is science broken?


Mormon president told Africans that tithing was the solution to poverty

While visiting Nairobi, Kenya, Russell Marion Nelson Sr, the President of the Mormon church, addressed a crowd of over 2000 and talked to them about tithing, saying:

“We preach tithing to the poor people of the world because the poor people of the world have had cycles of poverty, generation after generation. That same poverty continues from one generation to another, until people pay their tithing.”

Poverty, by definition, is not having enough money to meet basic needs like food and shelter, yet in his mind it’s a spiritual problem and the solution is to give 10% of not enough money to feed your family to the Mormon church.

Liberty Counsel’s attorney says that Satan is behind sex ed programs

Mary McAlister and “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston are working on “Sex Ed Sit Out” where they are trying to get parents to remove their kids from school in protest of “graphic, gender-bending sex education.”

To help promote this event McAlister, who works as a senior litigation counsel for the Liberty Counsel, went on Cliff Kincaid’s “USA Survival” program last week to promote the event. He asked her about her twitter bio where she includes the line that she is working to “stop the satanic sexualization of our children and the destruction of the family.” Here’s her response:

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In Closed-Door UN Meetings, Trump Administration Officials Pushed Abstinence For International Women’s Health Programs

In closed door meetings at the annual UN Commission on the Status of Women the United States delegation came in to the right of Russia and Arab states. Our representatives, coming from the US’s UN delegation, HSS, and USAID demanded that contraception, abortion, and comprehensive sex ed to be removed from the standards for what UN calls for to improve the status and rights of women around the world. They also called on all women’s health programs to promote abstinence only sex ed.

Fortunately, the rest of the countries present joined together against the Trump administration with most of the 45 countries backing comprehensive family planning. This includes very conservative countries where abortion is illegal.

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda wants to ban oral sex

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda wants to ban oral sex because the mouth is for eating.

FFRF win: N.J. Supreme Court upholds bar on funds to repair churches – Freedom From Religion Foundation

A school bus driver in MN was removed from his route and probably fired for leading students in prayer

Senate Confirms Climate Change Denier To Lead NASA

Senate passes resolution allowing Duckworth to bring baby on floor

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