9 Saturated White

This time we talk about the latest science on saturated fat, the Blue Zones, the history of our understanding of it and how religion has interfered.

Atheist Nomads Episode 1 was released May 23, 2012, making this the 10 year anniversary episode.


Saturated White

Saturated Fat

  • 1950s: Saturated fat is bad
  • 1960s: All fat is bad; fraudulent pro sugar study
  • 2000s: Saturated fat is bad
  • 2020s: Most saturated fat is fine

Blue Zones and Healthy Diets

  • What’s a Blue Zone?
  • What’s a Blue Zone diets?
    • Mediteranian
    • Dash/Heart Healthy
    • Vegitarian

Adventist Influence

  • James White was obsessed with Solitary Vice
  • Ellen White’s health message
    • Vegetarian, but if you need to eat meat just do the “clean meats”
    • No seasoning or salt
    • No strong drinks – alcohol, coffee, tea
    • No tobacco or drugs
  • John Harvey Kellogg
    • Battle Creak Sanitarium
    • Bland foods to suppress sex drives
    • Created really bland peanut butter
    • Created sugarless cornflakes
    • His brother stole the idea, made it palatable, and invented breakfast
  • Adventist Sanitariums
  • Adventist Colleges
  • Loma Linda University
    • Adventist Health Studies



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