8 What’s the post Roe world look like?

Just like everyone else we’re talking about the draft Supreme Court ruling that would overturn Roe vs Wade and tee’s up erasing the last 70 years of human rights in the US.


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Draft Roe Overturn

Alito focuses on no constitutional or historical right to an abortion.
Says ruling is limited to just abortion.
Calls out Lawrence v Texas and Obergefell v Hodges as wrong decided with no constitutional or historical right tied to it, it even questions Loving v Virginia.

Guts jurisprudance on Right to Privacy and personal Liberty
– Gay rights
– Trans rights
– Contraceptive access
– interracial marriage
– Personal liberty

Fit’s perfectly with World Congress of Families’ goals which means the GOP has bought into White Genocide philosophy See AN435

This is bad for everyone, but really bad for women:
– Many state bans do not have exceptions for the mothers health, that stops doctors from ending a miscarriage until the fetal heartbeat stops. This has killed women and will continue to do so.
– Many states are not leaving exceptions for rape or incest.
– Some are estimating that this will double maternal mortality for black women, not counting botched home abortions.
– This will increase child poverty by making it harder for women who have children to control their family sizes as well as increasing the number of women to drop out of high school, college, or forgo career opportunities.
– If the World Congress of Families gets their way, all women’s rights will be removed as they want individual rights eliminated and for families, under a man, to be where the rights are held



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