431 The Rise of Christianity in Africa

This week we get more background on Christianity in Africa. In the news, Liberty University’s leak about their real purpose, SCOTUS rules the right way on Maine’s vaccine mandate, poll show’s broad support for church state separation, QAnon craziness, pregnant hands, and more!

Dustin’ off the Degree



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    • Rich Ganns on November 9, 2021 at 9:53 am

    Dustin –

    I just heard a piece on NPR about Rachel Held Evans, and wondered if you had ever done a segment on her; sounded like she had started down a path that would have led her to where you are now (?).

    Also, apropos of nothing, an interesting film: ‟The White Ribbon,” (Amazon Prime video, maybe Netflix?) explores interplay of small town life, the church, and evil. I came away thinking: ‟No wonder the Germans were such bastards back then.”

    – Rich Ganns

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