Episode 54 – The Nicest Guy in Skepticism with Evan Bernstein


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* 1807 – Lightning strikes in Luxembourg
* 1911 – Babe Didrikson born
* 1949 – U.S. begins Berlin Airlift
* 1975 – Sonny and Cher’s divorce becomes final
* 2003 – Former U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond dies


* Developing ethical robots
* Chimps gave us herpes
* UK bans teaching creationism in any publicly funded school
* GM Mosquitoes could wipe out malaria
* Leukemia drug surprisingly inhibits other cancers too
* Recreating the 1918 Spanish Flu


* Gay fathers in Texas denied being listed on their children’s birth certificates
* US’s largest Presbyterian denomination accepts gay marriage
* Pagan “church” denied permits once identified
* Atheism growing in Saudi Arabia
* Spain’s secular coronation
* Mars Hill want’s members to stay off the internet
* Mormons issue statement on the appropriateness of questions

INTERVIEW – Evan Bernstein from the Skeptics Guide to the Universe

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Recorded for release on 2014-06-26