342 Church Money and Economics with Phil Ferguson

This week we are joined by Phil Ferguson from the Phil Ferguson Show and talk about finances, church money, his story, and his podcast. Before that I make an announcement about the future of the show and rant about politics.


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    • Rich Ganns on February 15, 2020 at 9:17 am

    Hi Dustin and Lauren —

    I heard a story about an American talking with a wealthy German about taxes,
    When the German said he paid a marginal rate of (something like) 50%,
    the American asked if that high rate bothered him. The German said no,
    because he did not want to be a rich man living in a poor country.

    You’re probably aware of our home-grown (in WA state) anti-tax mutant Tim Eyman,
    who ironically costs working class tax payers money with his hare-brained initiatives,
    when the legislature and courts have to deal with (then throw them out).
    A right wing myth is that there’e nothing worse than paying taxes.

    — RG

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