Episode 26 – Bouncing Around with Jay Novella

0:00:25 INTRO

  • Wesley’s report on Reason Fest
  • Contest
    • Prize – Autographed copy of Shelley Segal’s An Atheist Album
    • The Rules – Tell us why it’s important to be an out atheist in no more than 500 words if written or 3 minutes if it’s audio. May be submitted by email or on the voice mail line at 541-203-0666
    • Deadline is 05/11/13

0:07:35 FEEDBACK – Vance

0:11:37 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden killed


Foundation Beyond Belief now has 1386 members, help them reach their goal of 2500!


0:42:36 INTERVIEW – Jay Novella

Jay has been a skeptical activist for 15 years who serves as a co-host and producer of The Skeptics’ Guide To The Universe, a popular science podcast. Jay is also the producer and director of SGU Video Productions whose videos can be seen on the SGU YouTube channel. He also is the Director of Marketing and Technology for The New England Skeptical Society, a not for profit organization focused on promoting higher standards of education, especially in the areas of science and critical thinking. For the past 3 years, Jay has served on the board of directors for the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism, a yearly conference held in NYC. Jay also is a regular contributor to The Rogues Gallery, a popular science and skepticism blog.

1:55:33 MUSIC – Bleak Harvest by Scott Williams (used by permission)

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Recorded 04/22/13 and 04/27/13 for release on 05/02/13