Episode 25 LIVE – Foundation Beyond Belief with Dale McGowan

This is a live episode, you can find the video on YouTube and since we did the whole thing live on the Hangout on Air, All the editing I’ve done is clean up the audio and truncate the silence, otherwise it is live and unedited.

0:01:40 INTRO

0:02:38 INTERVIEW – Dale McGowan

Dale is editor and co-author of books including Parenting Beyond Belief, Raising Freethinkers, Voices of Unbelief, and Atheism For Dummies (2013). He presents workshops for nontheistic parents across the United States and was named 2008 Harvard Humanist of the Year. Dale created Foundation Beyond Belief in 2009 and launched the charitable giving program in 2010. He now serves as the Executive Director of Foundation Beyond Belief.

0:52:24 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – April 18



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