Episode 21 – The Hereafter





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FEATURE – Life after death

Abrahamic Religions

  • Christianity – From most to least grotesque
    • Catholic
      • Dualist
      • Heaven if you’re really good
      • Purgatory if you’re mostly a good Christian
      • Hell for the wicked/unbaptized
    • Mainstream Protestant
      • Dualist
      • Predestination or free will
      • Heaven or hell at death or the second coming
    • Mormons
      • Dualist
      • Celestial Kingdom – The most heavenly, only for those who have lived upto the ordinances and covenants
        • Highest degree – only for those sealed in celestial marriage, get to become gods
        • Two lower degrees – likely become angels
      • Terrestrial Kingdom – For good people who don’t qualify for the celestial kingdom
      • Telestial Kingdom – Those who have not accepted Christ, 1000 years of spirit prision
    • Seventh-day Adventist, Jehovah’s Witnesses
      • Monist
      • “Soul sleep” at death
      • Righteous go to heaven at the second coming
      • The wicked are raised, judged, and destroyed
  • Islam
    • Dualist – nafs
    • Predestinarian
    • Resurrection
    • The good, including Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Sabians go to heaven
    • The wicked get severe pain and shame
  • Judaism
    • Probably a bodily resurrection
    • People will get what’s coming to them

Eastern Religions, neoplatonism, Gnosticism, paganism, Kabbalah (Jewish), Cathars (Christian), Alawi Shias (Muslim), Druze, Rosicrucians

  • Dualistic
  • Reincarnation
  • Karma
  • Release

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