Athiest Nomads Episode 27 Part 1 Live Recording


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  1. I just watched the live broadcast. The story about the cheerleaders and the explicitly religious messages at football games really rustles my jimmies. It’s obviously a violation of church/state separation. Religious expression belongs in churches and in homes of religious people and NOT public schools. Your quote of Annie Laurie Gaylor was appropriate. Would the school board support messages like “Atheism Rocks” or “Allah is supreme”? Fuck no! So how are banners with bible passages not sectarian and therefore divisive and exclusionary?

  2. Just wait… Even though it’s Texas, a higher court will smack it down.

  3. Vance, I can tell it’ll be a pleasure to have on the show.

  4. Well, that is certainly the trend. The constitution is very clear on these matters and when similar cases are referenced (like creches on public squares and pictures of Jeebus in high schools), I’m sure that it will be seen that a public school is no place for religious expression. Rick Perry had sent those cheerleaders a video to show his support, that fukker.

  5. I’d love to see that video… Link? Yeah I’m lazy. ~W

  6. I didn’t see the video; I just heard the audio from it on Freethought Radio.

  7. Ok kewl…

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