324 What the Moloch?

As it turns out I suck at taking a break, so here’s a shorter episode with a combo news story/Dustin’ off the Degree. We look at Todd Starnes conversation with Robert Jeffress that got Starnes fired, who Moloch is, child sacrifice now and in the Bible, impeachment, and more.

Fox News Host Todd Starnes Out After Saying Democrats Worship Pagan God Moloch


What is Moloch

  • MLK -bastardized in the Septuagint to sound distinct from King
  • Child Sacrifice – Getting the attention of the king of heaven
  • Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22
  • Jephthah in Judges 11:30-40
  • Mesha, king of Moab in 2 Kings 3:25-27
  • Are Democrats sacrificing children?
  • Are Republicans worshiping the king?

Starnes fired by Fox over this – Why not blacklist Jeffress? – Fox is distancing from Trump while avoiding alienating him – Is Starnes a scapegoat

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