433 The Nigerian Prince

This week we talk about Nigerian prosperity gospel televangelist T.B. Joshua. In the news we have an update on the Spanish bishop who left the church to be with his satanic erotica author lover, Texas schools can now again require masks, ReAwaken America was a conference held at a Texas megachurch with lot’s of pro-Trump, anti-vax, and QAnon BS, and more.

Dustin’ off the Degree



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    • Keith Hamusute on November 22, 2021 at 5:28 am

    Hi there, thank you for another great instalment of your podcast. I have been intrigued by T.B Joshua for some time, along with his fellow practitioners of the prosperity miracle working gospel. Joshua’s rise though has been astronomical, with presidents and celebrities visiting his church. He was also in the habit of making certain spectacular predictions including one where he claimed the Corona virus would be defeated by getting oneself soaked in the rain, he predicted Hilary Clinton winning the US election as well. His handlers are quick to rationalise each time a prediction does not come to pass.

    The question that has always begged an answer is what really makes these people attract such a huge following? We have in Zambia for example Alice Lubusha Lenshina who in 1964 fought running battles with authorities resulting in the deaths of thousands (people were willing to die for a semi-literate woman). Why do rational people follow these charlatans and often parting away with their hard-earned money? To this day Joshua is still revered and even his death is now shrouded in some sort of saintly cloth. His followers have gone to great length to add mystic to his death.

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