1 Terms and Conditions

It’s the rebrand/relaunch as Humanists Take on the World and we start with an overview of the names and terms that non-believers use to identify themselves or how they’re referred to by others.

Terms and Conditions

Basic Terms – What question do they answer

  • Do you believe in god?
    • Atheist, Agnostic, Deist, Spiritual but not religious, Non-theist, Anti-theist
  • How should governments be run?
    • Secularist
  • How do we know things?
    • Scientific Method
    • Skepticism
  • Who’s responsible to solve the world’s problems?
    • Humanist
      • Historical
      • Modern
  • What about other terms?
    • Bright
    • Freethinker
    • None
    • Satanist
    • Pastafarian


### News
Boise Rescue Mission says protestors are wrong
Brookings, OR church sues city so they can keep feeding the homeless


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