Episode 271 – Raising little heathens

We are joined by Josh Hansen. In the news we have Kavanaugh, a church responding to anti-gay vandalism, a faith healing documentary, crazy NM cult, US Senate resolution to repeal blasphemy laws, the Hayabusa 2 rover, and Iceland’s proposed ban on circumcision. We also discuss raising children without religion.


‘Thanks to the Lord and Donald Trump’ Paula White and Terri Pearson use Kenneth Copeland church to tally support for Trump

Paula White is a televangelist and advisor to Donald Trump who spoke at Kenneth Copeland’s church about the importance of voting for Republicans so that the 170 federal judicial vacancies can be filled with righteous judges that will overturn Roe v. Wade. When she was done she was joined by Terri Pearson’s Copeland’s Daughter and the senior pastor at the church. Let’s listen to what she had to say.

America Magazine editors pull support of Kavanaugh

Trump’s Prophets: Satan and ‘the Wicked Witch of the East’ are driving Kavanaugh opposition

Florida church responds to anti-gay vandalism with love

Faith healing film ‘No Greater Law’ highlights Idaho, making TV premiere

Paramilitary sect leader Deborah Green of Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps’ in New Mexico sentenced for child abuse

U.S. Senate introduces resolution calling for global repeal of blasphemy laws

Hayabusa 2 rovers send new images from Ryugu surface

Iceland’s proposed ban on circumcision rattles Jews, Muslims

Discussion – Raising little heathens


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