Episode 94 – News for May 14, 2015

* National Day of Reason in Boise
– Audio in the feed
– Video on our YouTube page
* Greta Christina will be in Richland, WA June 16
* Stephanie Guttormson (e71) is getting sued by a faith healer she called out

*1796 – Jenner Tests Smallpox Vaccine
*1973 – Skylab Launched

* Andromeda’s far-reaching halo
* Newly discovered galaxy is farthest and one of the oldest known to humankind
* Chicken embryos created with dinosaur snouts
* Rubella eliminated from the Americas

* Third atheist blogger this year butchered in Bangladesh
* Iran has banned “evil spiky hair” because of the devil
* Indonesian district prohibits unmarried men and women from sharing motorcycles
* Pew religious landscape survey shows Christianity in decline and the nones on the rise
* Poll shows more voters would support an LGBT than evangelical presidential candidate
* Supreme Court rejects appeal of New Jersey gay conversion ban
* Update: Cochran, GA to removed it’s Christian Flag
* Ben Carson is running!

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