Episode 86 – Parental Advisory

* It’s an adult podcast so a parental advisory will be added
* Update on Ada County’s Invocations


* 1916 – First plane missions flown
* 1931 – Nevada legalizes gambling
* 2003 – Iraq War Begins


* Ted Cruz vs. NASA
* Florida’s ban on climate change
* California’s dwindling water supply
* Measles skeptic ordered to pay up
* Seven year old get’s an Iron Man arm from Robert Downey, Jr


* American blogger butchered in Bangladesh
* Charges filed in murder of atheist blogger murdered in 2003 in Bangladesh
* Muslim extremists attack museum in Tunisia
* Andrews University refuses to allow unofficial club from raising funds for homeless LGBT youth
* Pastor tried to raise $65 million for new jet, then backed down over backlash
* Arkansas republican gives adopted daughters to child molester because they were demon possessed | Raw Story


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