Episode 84 – Idaho: At least we have good fishing


* Dustin was on Zachrilege Cast #7
* Dr. Robin Allen is doing a sociology survey on atheists and other non-believers and relationships

THIS DAY IN HISTORY – March 4 – Idaho Edition

* 1863 – Formation of the Idaho Territory


* Micron, HP Laser Jets, Simplot, INL
* Trying to find cancer treatments from Sagebrush
* 8th grader made fifth attempt to get the Idaho Giant Salamander named as state amphibian

Promo courtesy of Quranify Me


* Idaho Senate opens with a Hindu prayer…
* … and Sen Vick is a dick about it
* Kootenai County GOP Committee rejects motion to declare Idaho a Christian state
* “Add the four words” protesters arrested
* Ada County Highway District passes invocations despite overwhelming opposition | Update
* Idaho House passes abortion restrictions…
* …and Rep. Barbieri makes an ass out of himself
* Crazy parental rights bill passes the House | Rawstory | KHQ
* Representative Christy Perry is cool with letting kids die


* Michael Goff on Facebook RE E82
* Tod Mills @NgodWeTrusted via Twitter RE E83
* AnswersInNature via YouTube RE E83

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