Episode 78 – So Much Religious Violence


– 1973 – Federal legalization of abortion in Roe V Wade
– 1998 – Ted Kaczynski pleads guilty to bombings

– Disney Land Measles http://goo.gl/PZQbKJ
– Two types of female ejaculation found http://goo.gl/DGgYRw
– Making tiny things bigger http://goo.gl/uO8525


Charlie Hebdo
– The attack http://goo.gl/UGPmUW
– Protests against the attack http://goo.gl/GURrLC
– Protests against Charlie Hebdo http://goo.gl/XsMKQB http://goo.gl/bsuyRG
– Other retaliations http://goo.gl/7FojXm
– Muslims saying it went too far http://goo.gl/xyuA1z http://goo.gl/RE3bGD
– Pope weighed in on free speech http://goo.gl/YvPlvU

Other Religious Violence
– Boko Haram http://goo.gl/CZ9TLQ
– Christians in the Central African Republic http://goo.gl/UBGcUi

Other News
– Raif Badawi’s flogging halted, case to be reviewed http://goo.gl/0fJZUn
– SCOTUS to take up marriage equality http://goo.gl/Vwr5wh
– Boy didn’t go to heaven after all http://goo.gl/5VJ3We
– In Dog We Trust http://goo.gl/twHfr4


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