Episode 72 – Still Waiting for that Resurrection


* Police brutality, racism, etc
* Cop breaks handcuffed woman’s eye, faces no local charges


* 1941 – Germany declares war on the United States
* 1969 – Soviets declare nudity a sign of “western decadence” | Oh! Calcutta! (NSFW)
* 2005 – Cronulla riots, New South Wales, Australia
* 2009 – Tiger Woods announced an indefinite leave from professional golf to focus on his marriage
* 2013 – Pope Francis is named Time magazine’s person of the year


* Orion makes “by-the-book” test flight
* California’s drought may be the worst in 1200 years
* Congressman names climate change “theory” after himself
* Judge dismissed case claiming evolution promotes atheism


* Update: 7th Circuit rules that the Catholic Church is not above the law
* Scott Lively still faces crimes against humanity case” target=”_blank”>
Baptist pastor encourages gay author to commit suicide
Toronto family expecting resurrection for six months
Iran to execute man over Facebook posts
Christian terrorism strikes in Texas
Teacher resigns over student’s freakout over Jesus story
Chicago CoR banner vandalized
Satanists get their Florida temple display


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