Episode 64 – News


* 1793 – Marie-Antoinette is beheaded

* 1814 ~ The Great London Beer Flood of 1814 | Fun London Tours |

* 1964 – China joins A-bomb club

* 1976 – “Disco Duck” hits the #1 spot on the U.S. pop chart | YouTube


* Pentagon declares climate change an immediate national security threat

* Orcas can learn dolphin languages

* Brain/computer interface allows stroke victim to speak


* Major wins for marriage equality and the right wing goes wild! 30 states now, five soon to come, the rest on their way | Cruze | Huckabee | Butch Otter

* Ark Encounter must hire atheists or lose tax perks

* Satanic Temple preparing for Christmas

* Atheist family in Louisiana get’s threatening messages

* Alabama pastor had sex with members knowing he had AIDS

* Mom tried to kill daughters because the world is ending

* YOLO is an atheist conspiracy


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Recorded for release on 2014-10-16