Episode 62 – News


* 1789 – George Washington forwards parchments to states for ratification * 1836 – Darwin returns to England
* 1919 ~ Woodrow Wilson suffers a stroke |
History.com | Washington Post | Wikipedia
* 1971 –
Rod Stewart earns his first #1 hit with “Maggie May”


* Mt Ontake erupts, but not in a predictable fashion
* E coli used to synthesize propane and diesel
* National Institute of Health’s BRAIN Initiative releases awards


* Texas judge refuses lesbian couple’s divorce request
* County Commissioner walks out over pagan invocation
* Clergy on patrol in Rochester | HuffingtonPost | Friendly Atheist
* Archbishop arrested and found to have over 100,000 child images
* Priest arrested for “mission” trip activities
* Another Muslim beheading, in Oklahoma
* Stephen Hawking came out as an atheist


* Susan Gerbic via email Monterey County Skeptics: Operation Bumblebee
* @jccford via Twitter
* @AngryTxn via Twitter
* @quranifyme via Twitter

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Recorded for release on 2014-10-02