Episode 51 – Talking Bigfoot to Death with Miranda Celeste Hale


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*1756 – The Seven Years War begins
*1800 – President John Adams orders federal government to Washington, D.C.
*1937 – Madeleine Albright is born
*1972 – Governor George Wallace shot


*20% of Brits would have sex with a robot
*Scientists create new DNA base pairs
*Tree rings show how bad Western US droughts can be
*WHO warns about antibiotic resistance
*Study shows autism to be half genetic


* Sectarian Prayers okayed by the SCOTUS | Rawstory |
Americans United | Thomas going off the deepend
* Texas student suspended for refusing to stand for the pledge
* Florida atheist monument rejected for the second time
* NC Clergy sue for same-sex marriage due to religious liberty
* Saudi activist sentenced to 10 years and 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam
* UN anti-torture group grills Vatican
* Nigerian Islamist group to sell nearly 300 girls into slavery
* King David’s citadel found!
* Black mass can’t mock Catholics according to Satanists

INTERVIEW – Miranda Celeste Hale

Miranda is a write, author, rhetoric teacher, speaker, and blogger. You may have seen her at TAM in 2012 or 2013, on The Imaginary Friends Show, or elsewhere around the web.

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Recorded for release on 2014-05-15