330 How crazy can the week be?

This week we talk about Adventist obsession with the week, impeachment, Moscow, student religious liberty, license plates, Natural News, and more.

Dustin’ Off the Degree – The Week again

We talked about the origin of the week two years ago on episode 226, but we’re going to talk about again from a different angle. If you were to go to a Revelation Seminar, they would probably hide the fact that they are Adventist for roughly the first week, but once they’ve worked their way through forcing history and prophecy to line up, sin, and salvation, they get to the mark of the beast and what day to worship on.

  • Creation
  • Sabbath as a reminder of salvation
  • Week continuing unbroken ever since
  • Sabbath as a symbol of following God’s law
  • Pope changed the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday
  • French Republican Calendar – 10 Days 1793 – 10 day week abandoned in 1802
  • Soviet Calendar with 5 or 6 day work weeks 1929 – 1940
  • Some European and “Business week” calendars start on Monday with the weekend at the end



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