Episode 296 – What’s it like to be an atheist in Idaho?

We’re joined by Gary from Idaho Atheists and talk about the Methodist Church’s current issues, a trans man suing a Catholic hospital, South Dakota putting “In God We Trust” in schools, Idaho calling for the end of persecution of Christians, and what it’s like to be an atheist in Idaho.

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United Methodist Church is having issues after approving the “Traditional Plan”

Last month a General Conference session for the United Methodist Church voted by a 6% margin in favor of the “Traditional Plan” over the “One Church” plan. The “One Church” plan would have allowed local jurisdictions to determine their own policies for LGBT members, clergy, and weddings. The “Traditional Plan” does not change the church’s doctrine that sex is only allowed within marriage and marriage can only be between one man and one woman, and creates punishments for violations of this doctrine.

Now openly gay pastors and bishops are trying to figure out where they fit in their church. Parts of the Traditional Plan have been ruled unconstitutional by the church’s judicial counsel. Some parts of the church, such as the US’s Western Jurisdiction and the German Jurisdiction are going to be adopting the “One Church” plan. We even saw “One Church” on a reader board at the Methodist church on Ustick in Boise.

Catholic Bishops stopped a trans man’s surgery after he had been admitted and the IV started

August 30, 2017 Oliver Knight, a trans man, was admitted to St Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka, CA, the only hospital in the area, for a hysterectomy. He found the check in and surgery prep, quote “extremely uncomfortable and triggering”. Part of why as that he was given a pink gown and when he asked for a blue gown, he was told he needed to wear pink because it’s a “female surgery”. Then after the IV was started he had to wait for an hour, at the end of which the surgeon came in and said the Catholic church denied the surgery for ethical reasons and the bishops didn’t approve. 15 minutes he was kicked out of the hospital. With the help of the ALCU he is suing them for how he was treated.

South Dakota public schools will be required to post “In God We Trust” signs by the start of the next school year

South Dakota has passed a law that requires that “In God We Trust” signs be posted in all public schools. Interestingly, there was some controversy, but it’s actually still kind of disappointing. The senate version only permitted posting the signs, while the house version required it. The compromise was to require it but for the state to take any and all legal and financial liability.

Idaho HR6 calls for the end of religious persecution, but just for Christians

The Idaho State House has a resolution that calls for the end of religious persecution for Christians around the world.

Boise has set a goal of using only renewable energy by 2040

DISCUSSION – What’s it like being an atheist in Idaho?

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