Episode 294 – Finally Legal in New Zealand!

This week we are joined by local comedian Beth Norton and talk about Trump autographing Bibles, Idaho still not having a minimum age for marriage, Catholic school rejecting child of same sex couple, and more.


Dustin’ off the Degree – Terms

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  • Myth
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  • Dogma
  • Doctrine


President Trump autographed a Bible at a church in Alabama

While visiting the area in Alabama that was recently hit with tornados Donald Trump stopped at a Baptist church where people gave him things to autograph, such as hats, scraps of paper, and a Bible.

Idaho’s bill that would have set a minimum age for marriage has died

A bill was proposed in the Idaho state legislature that would have established a minimum age to get married. Under the bill children 16 or 17 years of age would be allowed to get married with the consent of parents and a judge. The bill failed by a margin of 39-28 citing concerns about the government getting involved in marriage. So the same legislature that was so upset about same sex couples getting married, are just fine with 12 year old girls getting married.

A federal judge has ruled that Idaho must allow a trans inmate to have her surgery

A trans woman housed with the Idaho Department of Corrections has been allowed to continue her hormone therapy despite being housed in the men’s prison and a federal judge has now ruled that the state must allow her to get gender confirmation surgery. The state’s biggest argument against this has been that they don’t fund surgeries like this on any state provided health plans, so this shouldn’t be different, but the judge rejected this because she’s already tried removing her genitals twice herself and would likely kill herself, either intentionally or not and it is the prison’s job to keep her alive.

Kansas Catholic school rejected same-sex couple’s kindergartner

A same sex couple in Kansas attempted to enroll their child at their local Catholic school or kindergarten. The school wasn’t comfortable with it and referred it up to the bishop. The decided the parents couldn’t model the church’s morals, so the child’s application was rejected.

Portland has banned discrimination against atheists, agnostics, and other non-religious people

Portland, OR has become only the second jurisdiction in the United States to explicitly include atheists, agnostics, and other non-religious people in their non-discrimination ordinance.

US Supreme Court dismissed state funding for preserving old religious buildings case

The US Supreme Court rejected an appeal of a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that state historic building preservation funds can’t be used for the maintenance of churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, or other religious buildings.

Canada is pulling funding from program that sends homeopaths to Honduras

The Canadian government was recently found to have been funding a homeopathy charity, modeled after Doctors with Borders, that has been sending homeopaths to Honduras. In total it’s been about Canadian $200,000 over the last five years. Due to outrage that ensued the funding has been pulled.

New Zealand has repealed their blasphemous libel law calling it ‘archaic’

New Zealand has had a blasphemous libel law that they inherited from the British Empire that prohibited publishing anything that condemned Christ or Christianity. This hasn’t been enforced since 1922. Last week it was repealed, being called ‘archaic’. So this podcast is now legal in New Zealand.


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