Episode 242 – News with Emma Arnold

We are joined this week by local comedian Emma Arnold and talk about the latest news. There’s Italian gay priests getting outed, trans people winning in court, and more.

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An Italian male escort has exposed 36 actively gay Catholic priests and seminarians in a 1200 page document complete with very explicit evidence

An Italian male escort gave the archdiocese of Naples a 1200 page dossier identifying 34 priests and 6 seminarians who he knows to be “actively gay”. The document included explicit WhatsApp messages, photos, and other evidence of these men of the cloth getting on with other adult men. In response to the gravity of the situation the archbishop sent the document on to the Vatican since as we all know priests aren’t allowed to have sex with consenting adults.

A Boise woman on a flight from San Francisco said she was God and tried to open the cabin door

A Boise woman was trying to fly home from San Francisco when she screamed, “I am God, I am God, I am God” and tried to open the plane’s door mid flight.

A federal judge has ruled that Idaho must start considering applications to update the sex on trans people’s birth certificates

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has been automatically rejecting any and all requests by trans people to update the sex on their birth certificates because they interpret the law, which they admit is unfair, to refer to sex, not gender, and that it only allows for corrections if there was an error at the time of birth. US District Judge Candy Dale ruled that this is a discriminatory violation of the 14th Amendment and that the state has to at least consider the applications.

The 6th Circuit has ruled that religion is not a valid excuse for workplace discrimination against trans people

The 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a trans woman who was fired from her funeral home job by her boss after informing him that she is trans and was going to start transitioning was illegally discriminated against in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The employer’s defense was that the employment decision was protected under his free exercise of religion and the court ruled that employing a trans woman would not be a substantial burden on his sincerely held religious beliefs and that he had fired her for not living up to his gender stereotypes, a clear violation of the law.

Tennessee killed a bill that would ban child marriage to help a lawsuit to try to overturn same sex marriage

Last week we talked about the death of Kentucky’s child marriage bill, well now Tennessee has followed suit. At the request of a lawyer House Majority Leader Glen Casada referred the bill to ban marriage under the age of 18 to summer study, where bills go to die. The reason is that the lawyer, David Fowler is planning a lawsuit to challenge Obergefell, the US Supreme Court same sex marriage ruling. His theory is that the Supreme Court invalidated all marriages in the state since it struck down the state’s marriage law and by the state updating the law they would be acknowledging same sex marriage and make his lawsuit moot.

News anchors at Sinclair TV stations are going to be required to read Trump propaganda about “fake” news from national media companies

Sinclair is a media company that operates 173 TV stations around the US. In recent years it’s become clear that their owners are trying to push a right wing agenda on the company as exemplified by their new mandate for stations to record and frequently run promos that decry the “fake stories” from national news outlets.

The Federal Government has informed Idaho that it can’t violate the ACA

Idaho applied for a waiver to the Affordable Care Act that would allow the state to offer extremely limited cheap plans on the state’s health insurance exchange. Now the head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has let Governor Butch Otter know that the ACA is still the law and the state has to follow it.

Pastor Jeffress explains why it doesn’t matter to evangelicals that Trump cheated on his wife with a porn star

Pastor Robert Jeffress is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, a contributor on Fox News, and a member of Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board. When asked about the left calling Evangelicals hypocrites for their continued support of Trump in light of the on going Stormy Daniels scandal. Let’s listen to his response.

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