Episode 224 – High Powered Murder Machines

This week we are joined by Erin Riley and talk about high powered murder machines, Irish nuns blocking principals, the impending doom of the Johnson Amendment, attacks on abortion and birth control, and more.


8 were killed in the Manhattan truck attack

26 dead in Texas church shooting

Irish nuns have blocked a Protestant and a single mom from principal jobs

Pat Robertson claims that God may have let a 15 year old die to keep him from drinking or becoming an atheist

GOP tax bill would allow churches to endorse political candidates

The House is has a bill that would ban abortions once heartbeats are detectable. That would be at about six weeks and effectively ban abortion.

The EPA cited the Bible in its rule to no longer allow scientists to advise them if they’ve done any research funded by the EPA

Notre Dame is taking advantage of Trump’s new rules and dropping the coverage they aren’t providing (the insurance company is) for contraceptives

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