Episode 122 – News for November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

John Harvey Kellogg


* It’s Thanksgiving!
* 1862 – Alice in Wonderland manuscript is sent as a Christmas present
* 1989 – MTV Unplugged premieres


* Compass protein found in fruit fly
* Pigeons can be taught to find cancerous tissue on slides


* Paris Attacks
* Beirut bombing
* Jeb Bush only wants to let Christians in and Ben Carson wouldn’t allow any Syrian refugees in
* Donald Trump said he would spy on Mosques and refugees
* All Muslims called terrorists at Virginia city council meeting
* Baby abandoned in the manager
* Thousands quit Mormon church in mass resignation


Warning vote:
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* Travis Megee – ROBOT VOICE and hoohas!
* @jccford – @AtheistNomads I vote for more machine voice!
* Randy – Oh please keep the hoohas. You can never get enough of them. You could just string the warnings altogether! But, I am a big fan of hoohas! Love your work.

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