438 War on Christmas 2021

It’s time for this year’s War on Christmas episode! Keeping with the new format, it starts with a memo from the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem and opens a can of historical worms.

Christmas in Jerusalem

  • Story of the current crisis
  • Christianity in the Levant
    • Early church
    • Jewish Roman Wars
    • Chalcedonian Schism:
      • Patriarch of Jerusalem created in 451
      • Malkite Orthodox
      • Syriac Orthodox
    • Conquests
      • Persians conquer Palestine in 614
        • Orthodox Christians retain Greek language and culture
      • Battle of Yarmuk 636 – Syria and Palestine removed from Byzantine control
        • Syrian Malkite’s adopt Arab language and culture
    • Great Schism and Crusades
      • 1054 Great Schism
      • 1099 Crusaders conquer Jerusalem – Exile Greek Patriarch, appoint Latin Patriarch
      • 1187 Arabs retake Jerusalem – Latin Patriarch flees to Rome, Greek Patriarch returns
      • 1847 Ottomans allow Latin Patriarch to Return
    • Malkite Orthodox Schism
    • Modern Christianity in Israel
    • Greek Orthodox Patriarch controversy


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